Pressure Washing Service Lutz, FL
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About Lutz, FL
Upon the 2010 census Lutz, FL had a population of about 19,000 people with in a 27.1 square miles radius. The four zip codes representing Lutz include 33548, 33549, 33558 and 33559. Lutz, FL was founded in 1959 and is pronounced "Loots".
Lutz Pressure Washing Companies
Extreme Concrete Cleaning, Inc.
24754 State Road 54
Lutz, FL 33559
(813) 493-5415
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Lutz Pressure Washing Tips
The weather in Lutz, FL at certain times of the year makes for perfect conditions for mold to flourish in. Power washing mold away may only temporarily remove mold from your areas of interest. Certain chemicals should be considered in concert with water to keep mold away longer. Even though you might not visibly see mold it can still be there and reappear quicker.
Tampa Bay Pressure Washing Pro's
18843 Tracer Dr
Lutz, FL 33549
(727) 557-7525