Types Of Pressure Washing Chemicals
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What kind of chemicals can be used in a pressure washer?
Only specifically developed pressure washing chemicals can be used in a pressure washer. Some examples would be, pressure washer detergent – an all-purpose cleaner, burner coil cleaners like Ko Koil Kleen to keep your pressure washer like new, Graffiti Paint Remover, Mold and Mildew remover, Biodegradable Chemicals for window washing, car washing, concrete etching, Rust Removers for use on metal, aluminum, stone, vinyl, concrete, porcelain and stucco and can be used on gutters, windows and home siding. Oil stain removers for use on driveways and are often biodegradable, all-purpose cleaners which can be applied either by hand or through the pressure washer. Windshield Cleaner is used on planes, boats and ships, and on vehicles to keep windshields grime free and safe. It’s important to note that chemicals are not applied during high pressure use as they would simply splash off, so apply them under low pressure and then use high pressure to rinse them off after scrubbing.

What is the water to chemical ratio?
Typically the ratio falls between 12 – 1 and 18 – 1. The ratio will vary with the unit type as well as the job being done.

Can household detergents be used in a pressure washer?
Absolutely not. Using any other chemical other than chemicals specifically designed for pressure washing will damage the unit and could possibly damage the environment. Bleach is highly caustic and could cause severe burns due to being mis-used – especially when used in conjunction with high water pressure.

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