Pressure Washing & Power Washing
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What is pressure washing or power washing?
Pressure washing otherwise known as power washing occurs when a high volume of water is directed by force, or pressure through a small hose, wand and nozzle in order to effectively clean a surface of paint, mold, dirt, or water stains so the surface can be repainted or stained or otherwise coated or to simply to remove grime. The force of the pressure is much higher than it would be coming from a garden hose for example. The pressure can also fluctuate according to whether a home’s outdoor water supply is used or if a large commercial pressure washing tank and equipment is used.

What is a good size pressure washer for home use?
Consider all the places you will use a power washer before shopping around and purchasing and compare that to the benefits of using a professional pressure or power washing service. An 1800 PSI pressure washer will handle most household projects including pressure washing vehicles.

Where can I use a pressure washer?
Pressure washing can be performed on most any surface, a home constructed of siding, wood, concrete or stucco, a wooden deck, vinyl and wooden fences, concrete patios or driveways, sidewalks, brick retaining walls, asphalt or black top (bituminous macadam),and on heavy equipment and cars. The type of surface being cleaned will determine the size of the nozzle that needs to be used.

What other venues use pressure washing?
Theme parks pressure wash all surfaces every night after closing, sporting event venues, parking lots, sidewalks alongside commercial buildings, pole barns, commercial buildings, window walls, store fronts, monuments and museums, brick, stucco, glass, metal, steps, awnings, hotels and motels, restaurants, car dealerships, cobblestone surfaces, gardens, zoos, parking garages, decks, and apartment complexes are some examples of all the different types of venues that can benefit from pressure washing.

When do I use chemicals – during low or high pressure?
Pressure washers vary in the amount of pressure they exude or Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) such as a 1800 PSI or 3600 PSI for example – the higher the number the harder the water shoots out, whether they are electric or gas powers, hot water or cold water,  GPM (Gallons per minute), a chemical injection system such as a “downstream” or a after the pump system or a high pressure before the pump system, and whether the pressure washer is portable (such as a home use pressure washer you can buy at a big box store), skid mounted, or trailer rigged.
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