Pressure Washing Safety Tips To Follow
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Pressure Washer Safety
Pressure Washer’s just like any other type of mechanical equipment needs to be operated responsibly and safely. Risk of injury is more apt to occur when pressure washers are used for cleanup during highly stressful times such as after natural or manmade disasters. Common sense tells us to read the manufacturers safety instructions included in the owner’s manual and to become familiar with the operation of the pressure washer including emergency shut off beforeit is even used.

A pressure washer has such a powerful spray that it can cause serious injury which initially may appear to be superficial but later turns out to be much more serious. Consider that a pressure washer has varying degrees of PSI or pounds (of force) per square inch. The human body can be severely damaged by force of any type, so direct exposure to a pressure washers spray will certainly lend itself to injury. Loose objects could also be hurled toward windows or people causing damage and injury.

Any time water and electricity is combined, there is a risk of electric shock so it’s important to make sure electric pressure washers are in good operating condition and fully plugged in before use. Gasoline operated pressure washers also carry risk due to carbon monoxide poisoning and should never be operated in enclosed spaces, unless the engine is placed outdoors.
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General Precautions to follow would be:

To never attempt to push objects with the water spray rather than physically moving them
Always test the ground fault circuit interrupter before using a pressure washer
Only use a heavy duty extension cord with a proper ground if an extension cord must be used
  • Never direct pressure washer spray at people, animals or loose objects
  • Make sure that electrical outlets are properly grounded
  • Always wear cushioned rubber soled shoes when operating a pressure washer
  • Wear a mask and eye protection if necessary
  • Never attempt to splice a damaged pressure washer cord
  • Don’t cut off the ground prong from the power cord plug of a pressure washer
  • If a circuit breaker is tripped always have an electrician check the pressure washer for damage
  • Never under any circumstances allow a child to operate a pressure washer. As easy as it may appear to be, children are not equipped to handle the force that a pressure washer puts out.

Aside from bruising and lacerations, X-rays may even be necessary to ensure that bones have not been fractured as a result of improper use. Pressure washers are not toys and need to be respected. Operating them responsibly should be the first priority. If injury does occur seek medical attention right away and call 911 if necessary.