Types Of Pressure Washers
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Different Types Of Pressure Washers

Electric Pressure Washer
The electric pressure washer can perform some basic cleaning duties but isn’t as powerful as its gas powered cousin. The Electric pressure washer is less expensive, quieter, and certainly more environmentally friendly since it doesn’t put our carbon monoxide emissions. Most electrics are 1,500 to 2,000 PSI but for common cleaning such as cleaning decks, sidewalks and patios, this is enough to loosen the surface grime and remove some light stains.  A few to consider purchasing are the AR Blue Clean, Briggs & Stratton, Karcher and Craftsman.

Diesel Pressure Washers
A diesel pressure washer is one of the most sturdy and long lasting pressure washers available. The diesel pressure washer is more powerful than electrical pressure washers. Many models begin with 2500 PSI and can go up to 5000 PSI and run several thousand dollars. Most diesel pressure washers are used for commercial or industrial use. Diesel pressure washers are also cleaner burning than a regular gas powered pressure washer.

Gas Pressure Washer
The gas pressure washer offers much more portability than an electric pressure washer. It also provides more power to make pressure washing jobs easier. The gas models will need to be used in ventilated areas as they can produce toxic fumes. They are also much noisier than electric models and will require ear protection for operators.

Ultra High Pressure Washer
An Ultra High pressure washer is designed for professional use to combat the toughest jobs and can be used in commercial as well as industrial venues. Many are used in hostile environments such as off shore drilling rigs, ship yards, building and construction sites, automotive venues, and in agriculture, and gas and oil power plants. The pressure emitted can remove scale, algae, paint, rust, and graffiti, and even roughen up and cut through concrete. The toughest models operate with gas and have power levels reaching 36,000 PSI.

Hydraulic High Pressure Washer
Many hydraulic High pressure washers are used on farms and in other types of agricultural businesses. These pressure washers can be hooked up to farm equipment such as tractors so they can be used in remote locations. They can also be used in chemical, petrochemical, and biotechnology industries. The great thing about this style of pressure washer is the fact that it is actually quieter than a regular gas operated model as well as more compact and lightweight.

High Pressure Steam Cleaner
A high pressure steam cleaner operates in much the same way as a pressure washer does with the added benefit of steam. The unit heats water to whatever degree is set, up to 300 degrees, in order to power off deeply embedded grime and remove oil, grease and adhesives from surfaces such as driveways, decking and sidewalks.

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